Digital labor card, made easy

The Digital Labor Card, through Law 4808/2021 concerning Labor Protection, functions as a guarantee for the accurate observance of the employee’s working hours, as well as for the correct recording of overtime and the implementation of the working time arrangement.

Through the Digital Work Card, the upgraded ERGANI II system receives real-time information about employees’ working hours. This system automatically distinguishes each working hour as regular, overtime, overtime or settlement, and also records breaks, days off, leave periods and other relevant information.


Application in every industry

As is already known, the Digital Labor Card will start to be implemented from January 1, 2024 in the industry and retail trade sector. Its implementation in these sectors is expected to affect approximately 1.5 million workers. In addition, by the end of 2024, it is predicted that the Digital Labor Card will become mandatory for all businesses, regardless of their size or sector of activity.

The first to join this system are banks, supermarkets with over 250 employees, insurance groups and security companies, recording the arrival and departure of their employees digitally through the connection with ERGANI II. Soon, all other commercial companies are expected to follow suit.


Software & Hardware

To implement the Digital Labor Card in your business, you will need a software that will manage the information as well as a tablet on which the employees will “tap” their digital card.

The choice of software & hardware you will make is not limited by ERP or invoicing solutions you already have.

// Protogramma Informatics

Solutions for everyone

Given the full implementation of the Digital Labor Card within the year, Protogramma Informatics, a partner of the 2 leading ERP companies in Greece, Softone & Epsilon, completely undertakes the process of acquiring and installing the necessary equipment for you, offering preferential prices and priority to service.

// Prosvasis Cloud ERGANI Plus

No HR or Payroll solutions needed

The web service that fully covers the needs of the Digital Labor Card & Digital Hours, Payroll Calculation and includes automations, alerts, reports, etc.

Prosvasis presents you Prosvasis Cloud ERGANI, which comes to support the implementation of the Digital Labor Card for businesses, employees, accountants and all the requirements arising from the measure of the Digital Labor Card for Businesses with internal or external accounting.

The new Prosvasis web service enables businesses and accountants to completely simplify the process of updating the P.S. ERGANI, saving significant costs and time.

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Ability to create three levels of users

Easy to operate with no training required

Easy-to-use mobile application for employees

Operation and without Payroll application

No installation

Modern interface


Full coverage of the needs arising from the Digital Time measure and the Work Card for businesses - employees - accountants

For the business

01. Independent operation of the service from the Payroll program.
02. Change of working hours by the payroll manager with the possibility of sending a digital time organization form, without the obligation of the accountant to intervene.
03. Management of entry-exit movements at employee or company level.
04. Warning for the correct time of arrival and departure of employees, protecting the company from possible errors.
05. Free access to the service from your Accountant.
06. Immediate operation of the service. All basic data such as employees, working hours, attachments, etc., are updated automatically and Online by Ergani 2.0 or by PBS ONE Payroll.
07. Built-in controls when changing or creating an employee’s work schedule in accordance with applicable labor legislation.
08. Leave request management with simultaneous creation of a “Working time organization – Leave” form.
09. Cloud operation 24×7 from any tablet, mobile or Browser device. No installation required and runs on the most modern and secure Microsoft Azure platform.

For the workers

01. Changing their fixed elements.
02. License request management.
03. Warning employees about the correct arrival and departure time, protecting them and the company from possible mistakes.
04. Application for leave, telecommuting, etc.
05. Display of declared schedule and entry-exit traffic with simultaneous display of comparative results.

For the Accountants or Accounting Firms

01. The ability to access Prosvasis Cloud ERGANI of clients of accountants and accounting offices
02. The functionality of the Digital Card and Prosvasis Cloud ERGANI Basic for the business of accountants and accounting offices
03. Synchronization of employees and schedules with the PBS ONE Payroll program
04. Parameterization of the service by limiting the rights of its users
05. Payroll calculation using the input-output data sent to Ergani 2
06. Receive entry-exit movements as well as schedule changes, leave requests in the PBS ONE Payroll program
07. Sending permission form with data synchronization from Prosvasis Cloud


The smart cloud solution

The market’s smart cloud solution for Digital Labor Card that connects online Employee • Employer • Accountant!

EPSILON SMART ERGANI is the only solution that ensures 100% the employer to avoid mistakes! A new cloud service for the management of the requirements arising from the measure of the Digital Time & Labor Card for SME Businesses and the Accountants who support them.

Instant installation

Minimal customization

User-friendly design

Easy entry of employees and movements

Interface with all Epsilon Net Group payroll applications

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EPSILON SMART ERGANI ADVANCED provides the small business with external or internal accounting:

01. Possibility of direct submission of Digital Timetables (emergency or scheduled) to TOOL II by the user
02. Ability to configure and submit extraordinary or scheduled overtime with online update of the payroll application
03. Entry – exit signs for employees
04. Possibilities to manage basic employee data
05. User management
06. Real Time update INSTRUMENT
07. Creation and management of digital working hours (daily, weekly, fixed) with online updating of the internal payroll application or the external accountant
08. Possibility to configure a Leave & Absence program with online updating of the internal payroll application or the external accountant

09. Employer access to live report of employee card markings
10. Live report of orphaned employee card markings
11. Online two-way communication with internal and external accounting payroll applications
12. Alert System
13. Comparative Report of Deviations from Digital Timetable with system of automatic filling of differences
14. On line synchronization with accountant payroll application to correct errors/omissions
15. Input / output tolerance configuration system
16. Automatic Salary Calculation
17. 5-year retention of card markings

// Protogramma Informatics

Prepare ahead of time

By the end of 2024, all businesses with even one employee will be included in the Digital Labor Card, regardless of their size or sector of activity. Contact Protogramma Informatics now and secure preferential prices for software & hardware equipment and immediate service from our certified experts.


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