The ultimate Accounting and Auditing tool for Cyprus

Protogramma Informatics in collaboration with Epsilon Net offers the Cypriot market, the innovative new generation program PYLON Accounting Cyprus, specially designed for the accounting and auditing offices of Cyprus.

Covers the entire spectrum of the needs of the accounting office for keeping and monitoring the accounting books for any type of business

Friendly environment designed in state-of-the-art technology, offers innovative functions and ideas while leaving huge scope for customization and adaptation to the user’s personal preferences

Fully harmonized with Cypriot and International Accounting Standards.

Automatic and fast entry of accounting items through the Quick Entry function, without effort

Easy extraction of accounting items from the ERP of your company – customer
// Innovative user interface

50% faster, even more personalized, 100% friendlier

It manages in a single environment all the subsystems related to the full operation of the needs of your accounting office:


Unique characteristics




Full accounting management
Full accounting management

Accounting Articles, Calendars, Printouts, Financial Statements, Reporting

Selective Interoperability Design
Selective Interoperability Design

SIC (Selective Inter-Company) with which absolute balance and flexibility of data is achieved

Asset management
Asset management

Depreciation calculation task and automatic creation of depreciation accounting article.

Online and Offline updating of Accounting
Online and Offline updating of Accounting

From commercial management (Purchases, Sales, Receipts, Payments, Expenses, etc.)

Ανεξάντλητες δυνατότητες λογιστικής πληροφόρησης
Ανεξάντλητες δυνατότητες λογιστικής πληροφόρησης

Through multiple calendars

Integrated tax forms
Integrated tax forms

Integrated tax forms

New generation chart of accounts design
New generation chart of accounts design

With rich features and a flexible way to develop and maintain accounts

Built-in templates and ready customization
Built-in templates and ready customization

Edited by the Epsilon Net Scientific Team

  • Automatic update of all tax forms from Accounting entries
  • One-click online submission of all forms with support for all submission methods (obligor, accountant, representative, etc.)
  • Entry of information data per form
  • Multiple asset systems (Tax, Accounting, IAS, etc.)
  • Multiple depreciation rates per fixed asset using date ranges
  • Possibility of single asset movement update or for each asset system separately
  • Support for asset idle periods, subsidies, grants, etc.
  • Monitoring of related assets
  • Depreciation calculation with free choice of periodicity
  • Automatic creation of accounting it
  • Speed of entry with free customization of form design and keyboard shortcuts, per user
  • Standard articles and “smart” features, such as document type field update from last transaction update
  • Possibility of parallel updating of foreign currencies
  • Direct access to financial data of a trader, CRM data, account tab
  • Plenty of filters and customizations on official and informational prints
  • Print profiles to instantly run pre-configured printers with one click
  • Print on paper, export to all known file formats (.pdf, .xls, .doc, etc.) and display in WYSIWYG or grid
  • Data zoom-in up to article/record level
  • Free design of custom prints through the E.R.G. system. (Easy Report Generator)
  • Creation of multiple Templates for all types of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flows, Change in Equity)
  • Dynamic configuration of Sections, Funds and Columns by Template with text editing capabilities
  • Define multiple Financial Statement
  • Periods Automatic retrieval and completion of Statement with Retrieval from Accounting Data and Saved Statement Ability to calculate and print in multiple currencies and languages
  • Connect to any trading application on the market and update movements, traders and accounts through the unique “Import Designer” tool
  • Fast import of data through the “FastImport” tool
  • Integration and consolidation of Accounting data from all applications of the Pylon series
  • Update from Extra, Hyper, Business and Pylon Payroll applications

Capabilities that make a difference

Βελτιστοποιήστε τις διαδικασίες της επιχείρησής σας

Put an end to the time-consuming process of preparing your tax and accounting forms. Automatically calculate and fill in all forms and submit them with one click to the respective TaxisNet online service.

The uses are completely independent from each other and can have different periods (month, week, day, etc.), book category or even Charts of Accounts! So you can more easily keep all your data collected and you don't have to create a new company every time there is a small or big change in its accounting parameters!

With the ease of one click, see the financial data of a trader, get the current Financial Picture, make comparisons with the past and evaluate the performance of the business with the Indicators and easily and quickly upgrade the financial reporting of the business! Export the Report in any format you want (such as Pdf, Word, Excel, Csv) and share it with those you want for your next meeting!

Turn your accounting application into the ultimate management and financial information tool. The extra out of the box- custom fields that are available in each of your entries are able to integrate any information you need, either by upgrading the reporting of the Financial Directorate or by offering a communication bridge with other systems and information centers of each company.

// Digital Accounting Cyprus

The ultimate document digitization, management and registration tool in a single, integrated process.

Digitize, automatically register and electronically archive all your office documents using only your device (scanner, tablet, mobile)

No additional fees based on the volume of documents

Without any additional configuration / installation costs

Without use and without employment of your Internet line

No need to "learn" for reliable operation

Watch the video
// Mobility

All procedures, Mobile!

Digitize, automatically register and archive all your office documents using only your device (scanner, tablet, mobile)!
// Acquisition

No purchase costs, ever!

Get Pylon Accounting Cyprus today for just the annual contract value with no purchase cost ever required!


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