The AI assistant at work

Thousands of skills. All your data. Infinite possibilities.

Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 combines the power of large language models (LLM) with your organization's data – all in your workflow – to turn your words into one of the most powerful productivity tools on the planet.


Why choose Microsoft 365 Copilot

Increased productivity

Reduce digital overload

Combine powerful large language models with your job content and context to take on any task.

Get more out of meetings
Get more involved in the meetings you're in and catch up quickly on the ones you miss.
Get updated in no time

Summarize long emails and quickly compose suggested responses.

Enhancing human creativity

Strengthen your writing

Transform your writing—Copilot drafts, edits, summarizes, and creates with you.

Bring your ideas to life

Easily start a new presentation from a simple prompt or outline using natural language commands.

Analyze and research data

Spot trends, create powerful visualizations, or ask for suggestions for achieving different results.

Rely on responsible, secure artificial intelligence

Designed to protect

Your data is protected by the most comprehensive corporate compliance and security controls.

Ολοκληρωμένες δυνατότητες ασφάλειας

Comprehensive security features

It keeps everything under your control

You are always in control and decide which AI suggestions to use, modify or reject.

Watch the video

Work seamlessly

See how Copilot for Microsoft 365 appears in many of the apps you and your organization use every day.

Solving complex tasks in one place

Keep track of all your chats, meetings and calls

Microsoft Teams

Create, understand and upgrade your documents

Keep track of your inbox and manage follow-ups

Turn your inspiration into impressive presentations

Analyze, understand and visualize data with ease

// AI powered people

A new artificial intelligence - employees alliance

The pace of work is beyond our ability to keep up. Artificial intelligence is poised to create a whole new way of working.

64% of people say they struggle to find time and energy to do their work

70% of people would delegate tasks to artificial intelligence to reduce their workload

Business leaders are twice as likely to say that AI will create value through increased productivity versus downsizing

// F.A.Q.

Common questions

With Microsoft 365 Copilot, both intra-company communication and organization, as well as communication with your partners, goes up a level.

What apps are included in Copilot for Microsoft 365?

Copilot for Microsoft 365 includes access to Microsoft Copilot and integrations with Copilot in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Teams, Loop, and other Microsoft 365 applications.

Is Copilot for Microsoft 365 available globally?
Copilot is generally available for purchase worldwide in public clouds - for enterprise customers only. We are currently working on our national cloud schedule.
What languages does Copilot for Microsoft 365 currently support?

In addition to Excel, Copilot is supported in the following languages:

  • English (US, GB, AU, CA, IN)
  • Spanish (Spain, Mexico)
  • Japanese
  • French (France, Canada)
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Italian
  • Chinese Simplified


Copilot in Excel is currently only supported in English. We will expand coverage to additional languages in the future.

The next set of languages includes: Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Is there a trial version for Copilot for Microsoft 365?

No, there is no trial version available for Copilot.

How do I buy Copilot for Microsoft 365?

Contact your sales representative for corporate pricing and to get started.


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