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With Protogramma ProtoWeb you get immediate information from your ERP, wherever you are.

Quick information

ProtoWeb gives you the easy and quick the information you need from your ERP, as long as you have a device (PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile) and access to the Internet.


Made as a Web application, it connects to the databases of both Softone as well as Pylon, and is accessible from any browser.


See the ProtoWeb modules

01. Customer balances
02. Vendor balances
03. Orders
04. Sales
05. Offers – Orders
06. List of Documents
07. Customer turnover
08. Accounting Export Control
09. Accounting Export Control (Aggregate)
10. Sales Turnover

01. Clientele
02. Warehouse balances
03. Salesmen’s Turnover

01. Data analysis
02. Dashboard
03. References

01. Team
02. User
03. Portal usage report
04. Reporting portal actions
05. User – Admin


See what makes ProtoWeb the best software for you

Easy access

See your data wherever you are, thanks to the use of Web technology that requires no installations.

Classified information

Give your team access to the information you choose.

Save money

Give access to more people without buying licenses for your ERP .


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