Automate your processes

By connecting your ERP with your E-Shop you save time and make daily processes simple and easy

Two-way update

Through a bridge (connector) our company has the ability to connect and "bridge" the gap between each business's commerce and e-commerce platform, automating the functions between them.


Why do you need to connect your E-Shop with your ERP?

Two-way update

Download and automatically update data in real time on both platforms e.g. product availability

Save time

Update only once

Eliminate errors

Increase productivity without user intervention

Better and easier management

You get an overall picture of your business in real time


Level up with our Connector

Whichever e-commerce platform you use (Woocommerce WordPress, Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop), the specialized staff of our company can connect your online store with your commercial ERP program (either SoftOne or Pylon).

Full Interface

All the information you need from your E-Shop to your ERP and vice versa

Fast Support

Technical support and development tailored specifically to your needs


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See the benefits of E-Shop Connector

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