Take your ERP & CRM, everywhere!

ProtoMobile enables you to view and enter, easily and from anywhere, contacts, appointments, orders, items.
Apple & Android
Apple & Android

The new, mobile app ProtoMobile is available for Apple & Android devices


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6 reasons to choose ProtoMobile


Connect from everywhere Empower you and your sales team to get the information they need wherever they are


Ease of use
Choose the information you want to have in your hand and disengage from unnecessary “clicks”


Fast navigation
By connecting directly to your database, your data is quickly accessible


Two way communication
See the information you need, but also register new actions “on the go”


Offline mode
Found yourself somewhere without internet?You can still see your data and register, and sync when you’re back Online


Classified information
Choose which functions each user will have access to on their devices


Your database, in your hand

Seamless connection with Softone

ProtoMobile pulls data directly from your database without the need for intermediate software installations or hardware.With OpExp mode, we minimize its operating cost, since you can license only for the users you want


See the ProtoMobile modules

01. Customers View
02. Contacts View
03. Suppliers View
04. Items View
05. Sales
06. Purchases
07. CRM Actions
08. Chart reports


ERP & CRM like they should be

Optimize visits

Help the sales team to quickly enter visit information


Save money with Operating Expenditure not Capital Expenditure practices

Direct access

Give your sales team all the information of your ERP & CRM on their phones or tablets.

Comparative advantage

Get ahead of the competition with an always informed & flexible sales team


See immediate reports with the customizations you want (item stocks, customers, suppliers, top customers etc.)

Oreder and speed

Organize your team better and increase their time with customers and not behind desks.


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