ProtoProduction Updates
  1. Short offer: In the short offer, wrong splits in construction with 2 taffs on the sheet. In the order it is ok. Fixed
  2. Orders: Processing of materials in the frames. Finished processing materials, as it works on rolls already and additionally there is an option to delete calculated material. It’s about Rehau irons.
  3. Orders: Allows me to copy lines to the order even though materials have been calculated. Fixed. It doesn’t allow it anymore
  4. Orders: There is an option to get the color from the design (Drosos wants) or the material panel color (as it works now)
  5. Orders: In orders it does not bring the PN profile set to the next line as it does with frames. Fixed
  6. Products: New variable ‘mat weight’ (calculated) for use in conditions in the roll mechanism sets. Limits motor options based on weight.
  7. Production: In some phases, a check is made to see if the previous (prerequisite) phases have been completed. If applicable, they automatically proceed to the next phase
  8. Production: Error in production, barcode reading for Artist company. Fixed
  9. Production machines: New machine rod. The rod length is repeated on all lines. In Cat500 it remains as is. Implemented following a new customer requirement
  10. Connect to ERP: Soft1 exclude add-on from shipping to ERP. In general, when sending an order to ERP, add-ons should be transferred to a separate line in the document, but some should be excluded
  11. Printouts:
    • Rolling Shutter Offer (Metallo Roll): Change in totals
    • New printing: Order Label ALU (EPAL)
    • Financial Offer (Aluplast): Do not bring Uf when it is 0
    • Mosquito Net (Sliding) Order (KECH): Show sheet height
    • Study of frames with price (Kaptain): change to get prices after discount