ProtoProduction Updates

ProtoProduction Version

  1. General: 64 bit version of
  2. Printouts:
    • ECO BAU: Change Project Type in the bid prints. Change in customer details
    • Contract (EBAU): Show Main customer contact
    • Rolling Shutter Order (EBAU): Change of customer details
    • Metallo Roll: Change in offers and orders
    • Customer Offer (Voudaskas): Changes to print appearance
    • New Prints:
      • Financial Offer Total Price (EPAL)
      • Slats – Sill Cuttings (MROLL)
      • Customer Offer Brief (Voudaskas)
      • Order Label Big (MROLL)
      • Order Label Small (MROLL)
      • Production Order (MROLL)
    • Rolling Shutter Offer (Metallo Roll): To bring total costs when it is PAINT