ProtoProduction Updates

ProtoProduction Version

  1. Short offer: Improve hardware computing speed in incredible times
  2. Short Offer: Short offer processing speed improvement
  3. Offersorders: Improve hardware computing speed in incredible times
  4. Quotes orders: Short quote processing speed improvement
  5. Offers orders: Material cost correction when G.B.E. and surcharge for the product are calculated from its materials
  6. Optimization: Improved optimization speed in incredible times
  7. Production: End of production update. The problem has been fixed
  8. Production: QRCode Scan, ‘User Barcode’ Field
  9. Orders: Update phase history.. Fixed after improvements made
  10. General: Improved program speed
  11. Printouts:
    • Production Order (MROLL): Wear Correction, bigger colors
    • Order (MROLL): Enter the floor, dress correction, bigger colors
    • Compact Order (H-Alucom): Changed appearance
    • New Prints:
      • Material need per Product (Direct Material) (EPAL)
      • Material need per Order (Direct Material) (EPAL)
      • Material Order Optimized (SYNTH)
      • Order Cost (EUST)