ProtoProduction Updates

ProtoProduction Version

  1. Short offer: From previous version it doesn’t attach customer email in Outlook as both PDF file name and email subject were lost. Before it was quote/order number/QEF/Customer name/Customer concerned. Fixed
  2. Connect to ERP: Also drop plugins in Pylon. There is scope for those who also want the extras
  3. Link to ERP: When sending an order to Pylon, the intra-community VAT status did not fall correctly. Happens on a case-by-case basis (applies to Pylon custom)
  4. General: Complete interface of materials with myMaterials web app. Updated with materials from myMaterials (only profil so far)
  5. Prints:
    • Order Costs (ARALCO): Change observations 
    • New print: Customer Offer English (BP)
    • Metallo Roll:
      • Orders not to bring the materials. and –
      • Not to wear the WHITE Belt
      • Let the extras go