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SOFTONE Group: Free provision of Prosvasis GO to small businesses and freelancers

It has joined the platform of the Ministry of Digital Governance

Supporting the efforts of small businesses and freelancers to cope with the adverse conditions and new data shaped by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, stands the SOFTONE Group of Companies – the largest business software organization in the country and a member of the Olympia Group of Companies.

With a high sense of responsibility, the SOFTONE Group actively supports the #DigitalSolidarityGR initiative of the Ministry of Digital Governance to support business activity and limit the spread of the pandemic, by providing free software products and services.

In this context, it provides the possibility for every small business and freelancer to use the Prosvasis GO web application completely free of charge – and for 3 months – thus helping in practice to continue their daily operations seamlessly from anywhere and through any device.

Prosvasis GO brings together everything modern small businesses (and their accountants) need to run their business online, from issuing and sending e-invoices and recording income and expenses to creating reports, organizing tasks and controlling inventory .

The initiative of the SOFTONE Group concerns the free use of all subscription packages of Prosvasis GO, the activation of which is immediately available through the website of the application.