ProtoProduction Updates

ProtoProduction Version

  1. Printouts:
    • Order Costs (ARALCO): Bring price for handle and lock, change to header
    • Financial Offer (Aluplast): Changes to dimensions and comments
    • Rolling Shutter Offer (Metallo Roll), Customer Rolling Shutter Offer (Metallo Roll): Not to bring the extras with zero price
    • New Prints:
      • Montaz Production (ARTI)
      • Financial Offer with Discount (DHS)
      • Customer Offer (Voudaskas)
      • Cuttings (MROLL)
    • Rolling Shutter Offer (Metallo Roll): Price correction
    • Compact Order (H-Alucom): field order fix
    • Production List (H-Alucom): Larger font