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Replacement/Withdrawal of all tax mechanisms by June 30, 2024

In recent years, and in the context of the implementation of the myDATA Electronic Books, many legislative interventions have been ratified regarding the management of transactions and the sending of tax document data to the AADE, making it necessary for businesses to adapt accordingly (in terms of hardware and/or software) .

Among these interventions, the recent ministerial decision is included which stipulates the mandatory withdrawal and/or replacement of the EAFDSS with a new type of tax mechanisms called “FIMAS” (Tax Electronic Summation and Marking Mechanism) until June 30, 2024.

Businesses will be asked to choose between replacing the existing tax mechanisms with a new type called “FIMAS” (Tax Electronic Aggregation and Marking Mechanism), or the withdrawal of the old EAFDSS and the adoption of an Electronic Invoicing Provider Service.

Electronic Invoicing Provider Service

The service provides a flexible and technologically advanced solution that easily adapts to changes in legislation, allowing the immediate issuance of documents and the transfer of data to the myDATA platform without the need to use tax mechanisms. In this way, it frees businesses from the cost, operational problems, need for support and regular update/upgrade, as well as the complexity associated in particular with the transfer of data to AADE.

New “FIMAS” mechanisms

Alternatively, for customers who wish to continue the “traditional” issuance of tax documents via hardware, this will now only be possible with the new FIMAS, which fully comply with the specifications of the relevant ministerial decision A.1155 for the ERP to FIM interface and EFT/POS for all business transactions (advances, encumbrances, deferred electronic collections).

At Protogramma Informatics we support provider services for both Softone and Epsilon Pylon ERP as well as the provision and installation of tax mechanisms and cash registers.

Contact us to discuss the benefits and limitations of each option and find the best solution for you and your business.