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Βook Presentation “Digital transformation in practice”

The implementation of Digital Transformation: “Digital Transformation in Action” book presentation

On November 15, 2023, Protogramma Informatics had the honor to co-organize the presentation of the new book by Mr. Giorgos Lampanaris Digital Transformation in Action” in the welcoming auditorium of the American School of Agriculture. This book is a guide deeply inspired by practice and experience. It brings together the ideas and practices from pioneers in the field of technology and digital transformation as well as the author’s many years of experience and training in the field. As the challenges of the digital age are many and varied, the book analyzes the big picture of the field and offers practical solutions that are immediately applicable.

The event was honored with the presence of a number of entrepreneurs and showed the interest caused by the digital transformation in the way it affects businesses, technology, and our way of life. The resulting discussion highlighted the importance of innovation, adaptability and continuous learning in an ever-evolving world.

Protogramma Informatics participated with its founder and CEO Mr. Stavros Papadopoulos, commercial manager Mr. Konstantinos Raftis and developer Mr. Nikos Fotakidis. After the presentation of the book by Mr. Lampanaris, the three of them gave examples of the application of technological solutions successfully implemented by Protogramma Informatics and which are essential tools for the transformation and development of a company. Microsoft applications such as Power BI, Power Automate and Power Apps, but also custom Apps and CRM applications developed by the company using Microsoft Blazor technologies for web applications and Microsoft .NET MAUI for mobile apps.

The large participation was proof of the interest and the need for a more enriched discussion around the topic of digital transformation. The reality is that digital transformation is not just a trend but an integral aspect of modern society that is changing the way we live and work.

After this successful event, conversations and exchanges of views will continue. Digital transformation is a topic that never stops evolving and causing change, and with the right knowledge and approach, we can achieve even more.

Protogramma Informatics is committed, by organizing similar events, to continue the discussion on the evolution towards a more digitally equipped and interconnected world!