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Take immediate action to replace your tax machines

As we have informed you in a previous article, in accordance with a recent ministerial decision, it becomes mandatory to withdraw and/or replace the old type of EAFDSS tax mechanisms with a new type of tax mechanisms called “FIMAS” (Tax Electronic Summarization and Marking Mechanism) or switch to Electronic Invoicing Provider Service until June 30, 2024.

Businesses that have not chosen the service of the provider, are invited to declare their intention (replacement of the fiscal with “FIMAS” or transition to an Electronic Invoicing Provider) by May 31 2024 and complete the transition by June 30 2024.

You can extend the process of changing the tax mechanism until July 1 2024, provided that an appointment has been set for the installation of a new type of tax mechanism.

You will need to contact us so that we can guide you in obtaining the extension and then analyze your processes to recommend the best solution that will meet your needs in the best and most economical way possible.

Similar situation with POS

Likewise, for POS interfacing with ERP, the information available from the ERP software companies is that there is currently no timetable for the availability of the necessary modules. We will keep you informed of any new developments.

Next steps to take

The ERP companies have not yet published the prices and dates when the modules that will need to be installed to interface with the new tax mechanisms & POS will be available.

Contact us immediately so that we can analyze your processes in order to propose the optimal solution that will cover your needs in the best and most economical way possible, so that you can either adopt the provider solution on time, or we can guide you to request an extension and to ensure priority and timely interconnection of your commercial programs.