Θα χρειαστώ 6 ώρες για αυτά (έχω ανάλυση από τον Στάθη)

Sotiris Papadopoulos
Digital Marketing Manager
Protogramma Informatics Greece
150 Papanicolaou Avenue, 57010 Pefka, Thessaloniki, Greece
P: (+30) 2314 035800 | (+30) 2312 316744
P: (+30) 2311 243233 | (+30) 2310 674429
E: sotp

Microsoft Teams & Skype: sotp

Protogramma Informatics Cyprus
20 Kefalinias, 3107 Neapolis, Limassol, Cyprus
P: (+357) 25261188
E: sotp
W: protogramma.com.cy
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